translated from Spanish: Owner of local in «Chinese mall» claimed to have taken all the health measures: «I had appointments for my clients»

During this day, crowds and long lines were recorded at the Asia Pacific Shopping Center in Santiago, where hundreds of people wanted to purchase wholesale products. After what happened, the Seremi de Salud, arrived to the place, closing the enclosure due to the massive influx of customers, who specifically wanted to buy in one of the stores. She owned this trade, Isabel Zúñiga, who came out on the page of criticism and explained that before the pandemic, she also had a high influx of public. With this, he added that I was prepared with all the sanitary measures, including taking hours for face-to-face sale through the store’s Facebook account»I had appointments for my clients, I had all the measures, the time-taking by Facebook. Our prices are always the same. We also have delivery that comes to the door of the house with the products,» he said, denying that the massive influx of people was due to a particular offer. In doing so, he insisted that many of his clients are independent. «People need to sell because they live off it, they don’t have a salary, they haven’t received a bond from the government.» All year round our place is this full because of the prices we have,» he closed.

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