translated from Spanish: Clubs filed challenge at Tricel after Pablo Milad’s election triumph at ANFP

During yesterday’s day, specifically around 10 p.m., a group of clubs opposed to the triumphant list led by Pablo Milad in the ANFP elections on 30 July, filed a challenge at the Electoral Court of the Metropolitan Region, accusing irregularity in the process.
This accusation is argued in the presence of third parties, while the representatives of the University of Chile and Cobresal, Cristián Aubert and Manuel Silva respectively, held their votes. Within the established statutes, it is written that it is forbidden to perform suffrage in the company of any person, a fact that the appointed leaders broke, where it was recorded in the telematic recording made during that day.
The teams that implemented this challenge had 15 working days to carry out the procedure, a situation that is within the established margins. The Tricel is expected to respond to possible admissibility within the next three days.
In an interview issued Sunday by the newspaper La Tercera, Milad was consulted for this very reason, where he emphasized that «I have no problem. In that sense, I am an athlete and I am used to the competitions, but always with the respect and seriousness that characterizes me personally and also in facing the corresponding challenges and responsibilities. I don’t have a problem. And I think today it wouldn’t be 25 votes for me. I think they’d be a lot more.»

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