translated from Spanish: Communication tools to deal with the Chilean crisis: UC and El Mostrador invite the webinar «The role of transparency and trust»

After an exchange of ideas between the promoters of the postgraduate degree in Political Communication, which is part of the programs of Master and Diplomas of the Faculty of Communications of the Catholic University, arose the concern and subsequent certainty, that in the current conflicts that hit the country it requires correct communication responses to find a way out of the social, economic and health crisis that shakes Chile. Precisely from this conviction and the mission of El Mostrador to report with critical sense, is that the cycle of talks between the study house and this means is renewed to carry out the online conference project: «Communication tools to deal with the Chilean crisis».
From 12:00 on Wednesday 19 August, and for a month, a weekly webinar with themes will be broadcast live (Facebook Live) that aim to propose keys to find way out of the crisis that sparked the SARS pandemic- CoV -2.
«In each week, an external expert and a professor/professional from the Faculty will be invited to share ideas to get out of the crisis. With a duration of the program, the format consists of an exhibition of the subject by the guest, a uc professor exhibition (15 minutes), and conversation/interaction with the audience, which will be moderated by a professional of El Mostrador», says Eduardo Arriagada, academic of the Faculty of Communications of UC.
«The idea of the cycle is that we are facing a very serious social, political and economic crisis. And at least those of us who work on the issue of political communication, believe that part of the solution is communicative. What we are doing is presenting the country, the professionals who can do something in favor of solving this crisis, communication tools that help solve,» he adds.
This Wednesday’s conference is dedicated to «The Role of Transparency and Trust» in tackling the crisis. As Arriagada puts it, the interesting thing about this webinar is that the output has private components that go beyond the media. For this reason is that the first guest of this cycle is Javier Appelgren, founder of Yapp.
This app is the number one health in Chile. The strategy behind Yapp is to create a sustainable business model, in which the user is empowered through technology so that they can access better health. The formula is the generation of value for all members of the industry with the purpose of obtaining a collective triumph through the development of collaborative platforms.
The second guest at this first conference is UC professor Claudia Labarca, a specialist in institutional trust. The academic is PhD from the School of Government and International Relations, Durham University (United Kingdom). Master in Business and Institutional Communication Directorate of the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain) and Journalist, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.
Both the presentations of the exhibitors and the interaction with the public will be in charge of Héctor Cossio, journalist and Editor General of El Mostrador.
This new strategic alliance between the Faculty of Communications of the Catholic University (UC) and El Mostrador will allow to address the new challenges of journalism in times of pandemic and economic and social crisis that hits Chile, and the rest of the world.
«We are very pleased to have completed for the second year in a row this partnership between El Mostrador and the Faculty of Communications of UC. We consider it relevant in these uncertain times to be able to generate spaces for conversation with expert panelists in the field, which also allow interaction with the audience and the creation of proposals that serve to best face the new challenges in communication matters», said the executive director of El Mostrador, Federico Joannon.

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