translated from Spanish: Kel Calderon’s statement in formalization for attack on his father: “My brother is absolutely capable of killing him if he finds him”

On Tuesday Hernán “Nano” Calderón was formalized for the crimes of frustrated parricide, illegal possession of weapons, threats in context of domestic violence and damage against his father, Hernán Calderón Salinas.It was during the hearing that prosecutor Omar Mérida read the testimony of his sister, “Kel” Calderón, who gave details of the young man’s life.” Hernán began as a teenager to take an interest in the life ‘Fast and Furious’, to have weapons, butterflies, mittens, ammunition. He joined a shooting club, began setting up a gangster personality, showing money, always getting out of trouble with authority by his father’s intervention,” he said. With this, he added that “Nano” “has a fixation with Pablo Escobar and Chapo Guzmán. His first weapon is as a child, at about 12 or 13 years old, it is a butterfly pen cutter mittens (…) he grabbed a lot of combos, came out with mittens and said he was dying by, quotes, grabbing combos with another weon.” About the facts attributed to him, Kel claimed that he went to his father’s house and that’s where he tells him that “Hernán Jr. tried to amputate his hand, tells me that he tried to stab him and that he had multiple injuries. I took pictures of the bloodstains everywhere. There I spoke to my father, he tearfully recognizes me as the gun episode and when he destroyed the apartment, and that’s where I hear the details.” He even said the lawyer “started sleeping with a knife under his pillow, in case my brother comes back. I think my brother is absolutely capable of killing him if he finds him.”

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