translated from Spanish: Two Vicentin workers were assaulted at a demonstration

Workers of the Algodonera Avellaneda S.A., a company of the Vicentin group, were assaulted by a group commanding the legal representative of Vicentin, Héctor Vizcay.La Algodonera is in conflict over the claim of its workers of the total payment of salaries, in addition to an increase since the salaries are around 20 and 25 thousand pesos per month. 

According to the account of the workers present, the acts of violence began around 6 a.m., when a group ‘strikebreakers’ approached the company’s door and “two of them threw themselves with their bikes directly over the workers’ bodies.”

The result was injuries to two women who had to be transferred to a hospital. After that, the assailants reportedly escaped: “All this in front of the passive gaze of a score of police officers,” they added.

The event generated a repudiation of the labor movement including Hugo Yasky, Roberto Baradel, Sergio Palazzo, Juan Carlos Schmid, among several others.” The natural area where this collective conflict should be resolved is the Ministry of Labour, but today it is ineffective because the company does not show up,” said the workers of the Oil Federation.

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