translated from Spanish: Up to 5,000 school health care needs attention, 18th section accuses

Celic Mendoza
Morelia, Michoacán.- Although face classes are not yet announced, the leader of section XVIII of the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE), Gamaliel Guzmán Cruz noted that at least 5 thousand of the 12 thousand 500 school campuses of the state require rehabilitation in their health care.

The leader urged the various levels of government to allocate the economic resources needed to enable health services in public schools in the state, as well as the materials required for the disinfection of property and people, to better cope with the world’s pandemic.
He recalled that at least one thousand campuses will have to be intervened to have water and others require improvement in health infrastructure.
He therefore called for the opportunity to take advantage of these time that the classes are not face-to-face and educational facilities are involved so that once students return to the classroom, they have safety in their health care.
The magisterial leader also highlighted the organization’s proposal that represents, with regard to the correct way in which students, teaching and parents should be fed, to strengthen the immune system and enjoy good health, to enable SARS-COV-2 to be better stood.
In purely educational, based on their own Education and Culture program, centists announced that they will develop charts to address different topics of interest and topicality for students and their families; as well as materials to reinforce the proposed learnings to paterfamilias, in home visits, to maintain direct communication with educational actors, all within an emerging educational program, to be implemented from Monday, August 24, 2020.
Teachers explained that emerging plan materials and food proposals for good health will be distributing from this Sunday, August 23.
While the CNTE continues the work of the VIII Workshop of the Popular Educator in the various municipalities of the entity and with the planting in the Zocalo of Mexico City through which they demand solution to demands.

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