translated from Spanish: Coronavirus: 8,225 new cases have been recorded and it’s record

The Ministry of Health of the Nation reported on Thursday 8,225 new cases of coronavirus throughout the country, so that 320,884 of the total contagions since the pandemic began. In the province of Buenos Aires they recorded 5,245 new positives, while the City of Buenos Aires recorded 1,280. In the AMBA, the occupancy of UTI beds is 68.7%.

In the interior of the country Catamarca recorded 1 case, Chaco 95, Chubut 18, Córdoba 181, Corrientes 3, Entre Ríos 51, Formosa 1, Jujuy 264, La Pampa 1, La Rioja 22, Mendoza 267, Neuquén 59, Río Negro 161, Salta 99, San Juan 13, San Luis 3, Santa Fe 290, Santiago del Estero 38, Tierra del Fuego 47 and Tucumán 55. With these numbers, the only province that did not record positive cases today was Misiones, where 2 were reassigned to other districts. At the Nation level, therapy beds are at 58.6%.
The evening report recorded 111 new deaths, which added to 76 o’clock in the morning report total 187 in the last 24 hours. The total number of fatalities is 6.517.De 111 deaths, 76 are men: 42 residents in the province of Buenos Aires; 12 in the City of Buenos Aires; 1 in Chubut; 4 in Cordoba; 8 in Jujuy; 2 in Mendoza; 1 in Rio Negro; 2 in Salta; 3 residents in Santa Cruz and 1 resident in Santa Fe. 

35 are women: 16 residents in the province of Buenos Aires; 8 residents in the City of Buenos Aires; 1 resident in Cordoba; 6 of Jujuy; 2 of Rio Negro; and 1 in Santa Fe.

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