translated from Spanish: Los Reyes Tech workers accuse director of political management at institution

Celic Mendoza
Los Reyes, Michoacán.- From using the institution as a political platform and privileging a trade union group, they accused workers of the Instituto Tecnológico de Los Reyes accused the director of the institution, Guillermo Alejandrez Madrigal.
At a press conference, Alejandro Alvizar Manzo sued the government and the educational authorities, the removal of the manager, whose period expires in September, and is chosen to a competent profile, committed to legality, since his period expires on September 15.
He commented that his union group won the last election and the former losing leader refuses to hand over the leadership, so the director still recognizes them as a union, when he should have, he said, withhold the resources of dues, travel and the payment of his hours without accruing them.
It noted that they were still awaiting note, so the contractual review was still pending, so that in the interest of no legal union are at risk the rights of workers
In response, they asked that the director, Guillermo Alejandrez, make an open call with the nearly 96 unionized workers to vote on the issue of the proposal for a contractual revision, with nothing below the table. “It would be a serious mistake to intend to do this procedure with a former leader, whose note has been accurate and has no legal effect,” he warned.
Alvizar Manzo noted that they were also owed the benefit of Caja de Ahorro, but accused that the director handles loans at his discretion, also rider the resources that the workers put in.

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