translated from Spanish: CpLT petition rat on: Court of Appeal ordered Army to deliver former chief commander’s life sheet Fuente-Alba

The Court of Appeals of Santiago ordered to give the Council for Transparency the copy of the life sheet of the former commander-in-chief of the Army, Juan Miguel Fuente-Alba, who was prosecuted for embezzlement of funds from reserved expenses of the institution.
This after the State Defense Council (CDE) representing the castrense entity filed a claim of illegality for the cplt’s decision to partially host an umbrella against the Army, pre-setting up the personal data of context and sensitive data contained therein that do not relate to the performance of the public function performed in the Castrense entity , such as the identity card number, home address, among others.
This decision was assessed by the CPLT, as it is justified by “how much the civil service must be exercised with probity and transparency, which entails the fulfilment of a high obligation at the constitutional level, to transparent the actions of the officials of the organs of the State Administration before the citizenry”.
The Court, in so far as it established, among other issues, that it refused access to the requested background was only supported in opposition from the former uniform, who also filed a claim of illegality that was also rejected by the same high court.

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