translated from Spanish: Providencia carries health summary to costanera Center mall store

During the day this Friday, control personnel from the municipality of Providencia attended the first sanitary summary to a shoe store in the Costanera Center shopping center, which was surprised to work with workers who crossed a health cord for the development of a non-essential activity. It is a shoe store, which is franchise of the Bata brand, which was surprised by the municipal inspectors operating with three dependents who violated health regulations. Pursuant to article 318 of the Penal Code, Carabineros staff arrested the three employees for endangering public health, being taken to the 19th Police Station of Providencia.La mayor Evelyn Matthei has repeatedly pointed out that the audits will be strict with those shops that violate health standards.” We have been tough on the travelling trade, we have helped small trade as much as possible and while we are glad to see some activity, the health and lives of many are at stake and in that we will be relentless,” said the community chief. It should be remembered that the Costanera Center opened its doors on Tuesday with a series of restrictions on its operation, which were consistent with the municipality, as 50% of its capacity allowed and a progressive increase in the opening of shops of the shopping center. Finally, it should be noted that the store’s administrators were also fined, as it was found that this trade was operating without the patent corresponding to the item to which they belonged.

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