translated from Spanish: Court decreed pre-trial detention for former carabinieri charged with gunfire that blinded Gustavo Gatica

The Seventh Guarantee Court of Santiago decreed the precautionary measure of pre-trial detention for the former lieutenant colonel of Carabineros, Claudio Crespo, who was arrested this day, accused for being the cause of the shots that blinded in a demonstration held on November 8 in Santiago to the young Gustavo Gatica. The court also granted a 90-day deadline for the investigation. Crespo was charged with an offence of unlawful pressure and serious and serious injury, and arrested this day in a stagecoach in the commune of Uñoa, with the participation of the DD brigade. Hh. and the IDI Crime Lab. The defendant had been discharged after that, following an internal investigation into Carabineros, he was held responsible for manipulating the images of his Go Pro camera.This day after the arrest of Crespo, the national head of DD. Hh. of the POI, Prefect Juan Carlos Carrasco, said that «there is extensive research carried out by the Fiscalia of high complexity North Center, in almost 9 months. I have to be clear, the main thing is not the time, it is to get to the truth.» Carrasco further said that other people’s responsibility for the facts is a matter of research.

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