translated from Spanish: 97 thousand entry-level students will receive distance education in Guasave and Sinaloa municipality

Sinaloa.- On this day the education sector will resume school activities, but in a different way, because in the face of the risk of contagion prevailing by the COVID-19 pandemic, students will leave their summer holidays to resume learning at home. At the basic level, in the Petatlán region, which corresponds to the municipalities of Guasave and Sinaloa, it will be about 97 thousand students who will be starting this school year 2020-2021 in the online or remote mode, david Zúñiga Villanueva reported.
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“It is a new modality to which we are adapting both teachers, parents and students themselves; however, the experience that was had at the end of the 19-20 school year gave us many elements that have allowed teachers to implement very clear and specific activities related to key learnings,” said the head of Petatlán Regional Services.” In this sense, all last week the principals and teachers in front of the group had a Technical Council where they were planning and diagnosing the students so that they could start this school year on August 24.” Activities
In addition, he said that teachers have countless activities that they can use, such as television, radio, Zoom or printed booklets for students with whom you cannot have contact through the digital system. On the teaching, supportive and administrative staff, he mentioned that it is about four thousand who this day will rejoin the activities of the new school year in the Petatlán region.
While Zúñiga Villanueva commented that the beginning of the school year is remote, the decision to keep students and teachers working remotely or return to classrooms will be a decision that would be valued according to the conditions in the health issue.” All this will go as the Ministry of Health gives the opinions regarding the traffic light in which each of the municipalities is located, and in that sense, already organized and planned, the Secretariat of Public Education in conjunction with the educational structure will look for how to reorganize, how to clean the classrooms of the schools in order to have a safe return , but that’s until the traffic light is green. An extensive explanation will be given to parents and students of when and how we would return,” he said. Student support
The educational representative emphasized that the support of the parent for the students had always been important, but that in this cycle it is even more so that it is possible for students to acquire key learnings.

Original source in Spanish

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