translated from Spanish: Municipality of León apologizes to young people who reported police harassment and journalists assaulted in protest

The mayor of León, Héctor López Santillana, on Wednesday offered a public apology to the young Evelyn, who reported sexual harassment by the municipality police, and four journalists who were assaulted by agents of the same corporation during the women’s protest last weekend.
Find out: Cops arrest protesters and assault journalists on women’s march against sexual harassment in León
In his social media messages, he did not directly refer to protesters who reported arbitrary arrests and even sexual assaults, from the municipal police.
“I appreciate the courage they have in filing the appropriate complaints, that gives us the opportunity to investigate and be objective to determine responsibilities and to set an example for more citizens to trust to report,” the city president said.
“Our conviction as a City Council and as a government is to respect the rule of law and guarantee the fundamental rights of citizens, for this reason, the Municipal Government of León offers a public apology to those affected,” he added on Twitter.
López Santillana made this statement after meeting with Evelyn, his lawyers, and “later with the 4 journalists who reported being assaulted in the coverage of the demonstration on August 22.”
Both of Evelyn and the journalists, she said, “I heard testimonies of what happened; after this, I can point out on time that no one will be outside the Law.”
On Evelyn’s case, the municipality of León reported that the Technical Secretariat of Honor and Justice opened a complaint file and that “the elements of police that were on duty that night and who would have been in the place indicated in the narrative of the young woman, were already reassigned to non-operational work, where they perform their shifts without contact with the citizens”.
On the case of the complaint of arbitrary detentions, torture and even sexual assaults against at least two minors, after participating in a demonstration, the municipality of León has not reported a sanction against one or one of the police officers.
“In view of the precautionary measures issued by the Guanajuato Office of Human Rights, which I have accepted, are sure to check for excessive use of force, we will act with the full weight of the law to sanction those responsible,” the mayor said.
“We invite all citizens who, with the right that mark our Constitution to manifest themselves, do so respecting the rule of law so that our society, has a harmonious and developing coexistence”.

At that meeting, the director of the @MujeresLeon, members of the @Seguridad_Leon and the Director of Social Communication, who I instructed to attend, review and reach the last consequences where it caps.
— Hector López S. (@hlsantillana) August 26, 2020

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