translated from Spanish: “Parasite,” “Rock School” and more: Next Week’s Premieres on Netflix

September is coming and with the arrival of spring month there is a arrival of premieres on Netflix. From original series, to documentaries and films that don’t go out of style, the platform’s bet multiplies to bring to various audiences.What content will be available to watch from next week on red N streaming? the catalogue is headlined by the South Korean film that swept this year at the Academy Awards (such as Best Original Screenplay, Directing, Film and Foreign Film), Bong Joon-ho’s “Parasite” (director of “Okja”, also available to watch).

A week after the premiere of Argentina’s “Family Crimes,” Netflix prepares a month with major arrivals such as “The Devil At All Hours” – starring Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson and a great cast- “Enola Holmes” with Millie Bobby Brown (“Stranger Things”) as a brilliant mind and sister of renowned detective Sherlock Holmes.

In addition, we were able to take a look at “The Curse of Bly Manor”, a series prepared by the filmmakers of “The Curse of Hill House” (Netflix original series with great repercussions), which in turn will be the prequel to terrifying fiction. What comes to Netflix next week

One by one, the cunning members of a jobless family begin to serve as domestic staff in the home of a wealthy and privileged couple. 
Rock School (1/9/2020)

A struggling musician uses his tricks to get a job as a substitute teacher at a private school, where he secretly teaches rock to children.
A decisive match (1/9/2020)

In a suburb of Rome, the organization of a football match exposes the ethical and moral dilemmas of members of a disadvantaged community.
American Beauty (1/9/2020)

As he strives to put up with a perfectionist wife and an unsatisfactory job, a man becomes obsessed with a friend of his grumpy daughter.

Gladiator: Challenge begins (1/9/2020)

Tommy and Lincoln get tangled up in the illegal street fight with different goals, while a promoter sneaks up the youth fight in the ring.
Guaranteed love (3/9/2020)

A busy lawyer (Rachael Leigh Cook) helps a seductive client (Damon Wayans Jr.) sue a dating site that guarantees love to its users.
I think of the end (04/09/2020)

Appearances deceive this woman stalked by the doubt that joins her new boyfriend on a trip to her parents’ remote farm. Series

Grey Anatomy: Season 16 (1/9/2020)

Meredith, Richard and Alex try to confront their future after the insurance fraud scandal. Meanwhile, a new person takes over the Grey Sloan Memorial.
Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Season 3 and 4 (1/9/2020)

Season 3: The Kardashian attempt to lead a normal life as the cameras capture every second of their quarrels, their media affairs and their family moments. Season 4: Season 4 begins to party, with khloe’s wedding and professional basketball player Lamar Odom. What will newlyweds’ life look like in front of the cameras?

Top Chef – Season 3 (Miami) and Season 4 (Chicago) (1/9/2020)

Season 3: In this season, the miami heat is nothing compared to the heat of the kitchen where 15 chefs compete to take a hundred thousand dollars and all the laurels. Season 4: In the fourth season of this reality show, Chicago welcomes 16 chefs eager to demonstrate their culinary skills. The City of Winds has never been so tasty.
Commander Emma Green leads an international crew of astronauts on a dangerous mission to Mars that will separate her from her husband and daughter for three years. Documentaries and specials

Felipe Esparza: Bad decisions (1/9/2020)

Felipe Esparza is presented live and for two: in English and Spanish. And bring a deopitive set in which, whatever the language, laughter is guaranteed!

Chef’s Table: BBQ (2/9/2020)

The Emmy-nominated food series is brought to the art of barbecue, featuring talented guest chefs from the U.S., Australia and Mexico.
Afonso Padilha: Soul of the Poor (3/9/2020)

Brazilian comedian Afonso Padilha delves into his humble beginnings and childhood in this fun special full of personal stories. To see as a family

A boss in diapers: Catch the baby! (1/9/2020)

Baby-Corp invites you to find your inner leader in this interactive special in which you make the decisions and execute the missions as part of a vocational test.

A boss in diapers, Netflix series Press courtesy

Space Explorers: Season 1 (1/9/2020)

With animated characters and live action, kids are introduced to space centers and museums bringing the little ones the wonders of the universe.
Thomas and his friends: Season 24 (1/9/2020)

While working at Sodor, Thomas reunites with old and new friends and explores faraway places like India, Brazil and Australia.
Spirit: Riding Free riding – Riding Academy (4/9/2020)

Lucky and her friends return to Palomino Bluffs Riding Academy, where exciting mysteries, new friendships and the opportunity to save the school await them! Encouraged

The Promised Neverland: Season 1 (1/9/2020)

Three talented children discover that their secluded orphanage is not the paradise they believed in and devise a dangerous escape plan to save all their friends.
Beyblade Burst Turbo: Season 1 (1/9/2020)

In search of titles and tournaments, this novice competitor must realize his potential in different competitions.

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