translated from Spanish: Progress project that makes access to cessation insurance benefits more flexible

The Senate unanimously endorsed (40 votes) the report of the Joint Committee which settled the discrepancies between the two chambers on the project that temporarily loosens access requirements and increases the amount of benefits to unemployment insurance under Law No. 19.728, on the occasion of the pandemic originated by Covid-19, and it refines the benefits of Law No. 21.227.Now only the procedure is detracted from in the Lower House Room so that the initiative can govern as law. In addition, after the various talks held in the joint body, he entered legislative processing by the Senate, a message that incorporates private home workers into the Unemployment Insurance of Law No. 19.728. In other words, the specific situation of private home workers was left out of the mixed report, as it will be addressed in a separate project. Senator Juan Pablo Letelier, chairman of the Joint Committee, made known the main aspects of the report which, in essence, replenished the payment table for cessation insurance and welcomed the proposal of several parliamentarians in order to extend the payments of the so-called cessation insurance over time. In addition, for the purposes of access, calculation and payment of the benefits, benefits and money orders established in this law, it will be understood that it entered into force on August 1, 2020. That is, the proposal provided for the retroactive nature of the provisions contained in the draft.


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