translated from Spanish: The unusual reason Nacha Guevara became angry with a producer

Gaby Fernández, is also known as “the masked producer” and following the crosses of Nacha Guevara in the contest “Cantando 2020” came to light different anecdotes that show the irascible personality of the artist. 

According to the producer, he recounted that Nacha had become very angry with him, in his early days, when he was a producer of a Show by Viviana Canosa, in 2004. “The day Alejandra Pradón had an accident on the balcony, Nacha Guevara was a guest on our show when we were doing, won’t it be much? with Viviana Canosa. With everything that had happened, we didn’t give a lot of ball to the artist and at that moment the shows lasted an hour not like now that they last longer,” the producer began on the air.
“I was just starting out, so I went to pick up Nacha at the entrance and when he came down from the remise he treated me in a special way. At the time, he had been very upset that we had sent him a remisser who wasn’t wearing a tie. I remember he was very angry with me,” he added.

And she closed to finish the anecdote with Guevara’s explanation of her anger: “Nacha told me that a person like her has to go find a remisser with a tie. So I’m going to unmask all the celebrities I’ve had to treat. The forward was neat the same. Then she got angry because we had little time in the air.” concluded indignantly. 

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