translated from Spanish: They beat and gag a retiree to steal 1500 pesos from her home.

Earlier in the morning, two criminals entered the home of a 78-year-old retiree to rob him. They beat her, tied her up and gagged her at her home in the town of Castelar. The criminals stole 1500 pesos from him, and after the police were able to apprehend two suspects who were apparently injured in the escape attempt. Police sources informed Télam that it all began when the victim, identified as Susana Almando, was sleeping in her room and was caught by two criminals. The assailants tied her up with a scarf, gagged her and landed some blows. At the time police arrived, they noticed that a 32-year-old suspect was on the roof of the property, fell to the floor and suffered a fractured right leg. Meanwhile, around the house on Spain Street, police arrested another 35-year-old man who was barefoot because apparently on the run he suffered a foot injury, fountains told Télam.In addition, the uniforms abducted a red Zanella Sapucai motorcycle and a barreta they had used to enter at the door of the victim’s house. The fact is investigated by staff of the Functional Instructional Unit (UFI) 1 of the Morón Judicial Department in a case labeled as “aggravated robbery in the degree of attempt and violation of domicile”.

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