translated from Spanish: Ahomense football deals to be announced

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.-Everything seems to indicate that the conflict between the Municipal Football Committee AC and the Municipal Institute of Sport of Ahome came to an end. IMDA, I quote to a press conference where the agreements reached will be unveiled and the board will be protested.
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The media meeting is scheduled for this Friday at 09:00 hours at the Centenario Sports Center. Background
In early 2019, when IMDA took possession of the Doctor Juan Navarro Escoto Football Stadium, there was a break between the Municipal Unit and the body that has historically led football. The contest reached the courts, where the fate of the so-called Ahomense football cathedral is still disputed. The Institute decided to ignore the Committee and its members, first appointing Amado López as the new president and launching the call for the League.The Committee that took the AC figure, won the game and kept the vast majority of categories by its side. A few weeks ago, IMDA took protest to Manuel Flores as chairman of the Committee, while the AC Committee elected Luis Carrillo as its leader. Last week, both sides showed signs of wanting to reach an agreement that benefits footballers. You may be interestedRamón Urias wait patiently the OriolesDeportistas request the opening of sports facilities for training in CuliacanSigue the conflict at the baseball stadium of Francisco Villa, Ahome

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