translated from Spanish: As is the Protocol of Province to visit interned relatives with coronavirus

The Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires works on a project so that people who are diagnosed with covid-19 positive, can receive the vistia and company of a family member or loved one. With this protocol it is a question of appeasing a little the anguish of going through the disease alone and being able to be accompanied, under certain strict measures. “It is necessary to build conditions so that, in a framework as exceptional as the current one, the social and affective bonds that are part of the support in the care processes are not interrupted,” said the Under-Secretary for Mental Health, problematic consumption and public health violence, Julieta Calmels, in connection with the initiative.

From the Ministry, hospital institutions in the province of Buenos Aires will be offered, according to Télam, a protocol that orders and promotes the possibility of a strategic implementation that enables new forms of accompaniment and support. Following protocol, the hospital must ensure: 
The availability of personal protection inputs.
Information on the protocol in all sectors and services involved.
 Spaces suitable for compliance with all preventive measures.
 A team that accompanies the entrance, coordinates with the actors involved, tracks the circuit and monitors compliance with care guidelines.

Protocol for the family member/visitor: 
You must sign informed consent, in which you will be aware that you are of legal age, not presenting symptoms associated with coronavirus or risk conditions.
 You must not share utensils, food, or beverages with the patient.
 You must respect physical estrangement, use surgical barbijo, eye protection, camisolín and gloves for the duration of your stay.
At the time of eating and/or drinking, companion and patient must perform it at different times, that is while one eats or drinks the other person must remain with a beard and maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters.
 If you are staying overnight in the room, you must sleep at least 2 metres away from the inpatient.
 Once you leave the hospital you must do the isolation at your home, under the conditions provided for by any person considered “close contact” as stipulated by the Ministry of Health.
It is advised that the companion to return to his home does not use public transport and that at home has “a space to support and perform hygiene of the elements that enter the home”, have a floor rag at the entrance with diluted lavender to clean the sole of the shoes, and take off the clothes to place it in a bag until its washing.

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