translated from Spanish: August 27, a day Sebastian Piñera will hardly forget

On August 27, 2016, the president of the National Cargo Transport Confederation (CNTC), Sergio Perez, warned then-President Michelle Bachelet that “a call would be enough to paralyze Chile’s roads.” In 2020, Sergio Pérez himself and for the same unresolved problems today, concrete his threat, but under the presidency of Sebastián Piñera.
Both then and now, truckers submit a statement of requests to demand greater security for their activity, greater and better effectiveness of the State and its institutions in curbing violence in the area of La Araucanía, whose origin and solution have deep roots and political responsibilities.
One day, sure, difficult for President Piñera. But for reasons of mere coincidence, this day is particularly unforgettable for him, because a day like today, but from 1982, the then judge of the Second Court of Crime of Santiago, Luis Correa Bulo, in case 99.971-6, decreed the apprehension by the Prefecture of Investigations of Miguel Juan Sebastián Piñera Echenique. Under arrest, he was charged with responding for several violations of the General Banking Law and for the bank of Talca’s fraud.

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