translated from Spanish: Bella Thorne: won $1 million in just 24 hours through OnlyFans

Bella Thorne debuted on her first day as a content generator on the paid social network, OnlyFans, with overwhelming success. The application is characterized by the payment of a monthly fee of users to access exclusive content, without any censorship, of a celebrity. A week ago, former Disney star Chanel announced on her instagram account, the new project where she has 23 million followers: “I’m so excited to be able to talk about what’s behind the shame and sex of the female body!” she announced on the post.
With the app in 7 days Bella, she raised $2 million, of which one got it in just 24 hours. Only Fans charges $20 to each user and gets a percentage, as a commission. The other part corresponds to the producer of the visual material. In June last year she was in the eye of the storm because she suffered extortion from a hacker, who threatened to post intimate photos, and Thorne surprised everyone and decided to filter those images herself to end the manipulation of those who asked for money in exchange for not showing the photographs.
It was also a great year as she was awarded Pornhub’s Vision Award for her debut as director of the conditioned film Her and Him.

In an interview he confessed to pansexual and said: “Someone explained to me well what it is. You like beings. You literally like personality, not your gender.”

Original source in Spanish

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