translated from Spanish: Germany to fine anyone who does not wear mask and limit groups to curb pandemic

Berlin, Germany. – Germany is going to increase restrictions to curb the coronavirus pandemic, fining those who do not wear masks and limiting the number of people who can meet, according to a draft agreement between regions and government obtained on Thursday by the AFP. In addition, the authorities will strengthen controls to ensure that quarantines are being met and will also place fines if not, according to this text negotiated by the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel and the 16 German regions.
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Under this project, the government will limit to 25 people who can meet in private events. Non-compliance with the use of masks where mandatory is fined at least 50 euros (60 dollars). Although the spread of the virus is “currently below the peak reached in March and April,” the authorities note that “in recent weeks, the number of infections increased again.” The country has recorded around 1,500 new cases per day, the highest since the end of April. The record was at the beginning of that month, at 6,000.

People carrying health protocols before starting their work/AFP

“Collective accommodations, public events, celebrations and holiday-related mobility are particularly conducive to the spread of the virus,” according to the project, which states that “this increase in the summer months must be taken seriously.” Germany, which expects an additional increase in the autumn and winter months, will extend the ban on audiences in stadiums, cultural venues, festivals or fairs until the end of the year, according to the project.

and cooperate in the fight against the #coronavirusEl German Rapid Intervention Team in Health #SEEG visits laboratories and trains medical personnel while engaging in a dialogue and scientific exchange.
⬇️ via @dw_espanol — German Embassy (@AlemaniaMexi)
August 24, 2020

There will be “exceptions” in regions where the infection rate has been low for at least a week and “if participants are guaranteed to come exclusively from that region or neighboring regions” where the spread of the virus is also contained, according to the text. Germany recorded until Thursday 237,936 cases (+1,507 in the last 24 hours) of covid-19 and 9,285 deaths (+5), according to the Robert Koch Institute.

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Original source in Spanish

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