translated from Spanish: Grandparent’s Day: How to celebrate August 28 in covid-19 pandemic?

Mexico.- Every August 28th the day of Grandpa is celebrated in Mexico, that person who fills the home with knowledge that guides the steps of the youngest, however, during the pandemic for covid-19 are the ones who are most at risk in catching, so many have wondered how to celebrate that day in the middle of the global crisis by coronavirus?. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Health in Mexico, as well as health organizations worldwide recommend not approaching members of that population sector, in other words, it is appropriate not to celebrate the day for the elders of the household.
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Even with this, millions of Mexicans will not let the moment pass and visit with their ‘old people’, exposing them to a possible contagion that could later cause in them a not so positive outcome for their physical well-being.

Below you will read a series of basic recommendations that you should follow at all times, but that will help prevent contagion to ‘the grandparents’ in case your desire to congratulate them are greater than the concern for their health.
Disinfect yourself complementing you (including clothing) before leaving your home and entering the grandparents’ home.
If you will bring food or cake, disinfect the external parts; if there will be gifts, do the same inside and out.
Do not hug, kiss or wave.
Save a minimum distance of two meters at all times.
Preferably not to bring children, as they are a more common source of contagion.

We recall that the official recommendation made by health institutions is NOT to expose seniors, so it is ideal not to see grandparents this day, and while improving the crisis caused by covid-19.

This is the origin of Grandpa’s Day in Mexico
In each country it is celebrated differently and there is no official version about the beginning of this celebration but there are different versions about its origin. In Spanish-speaking and Catholic-speaking countries, such as Spain and Latin America, grandparents are celebrated on August 26, which in the Catholic liturgy corresponds to the feast of Saint Joaquin and Sana Ana, parents of the Virgin Mary, which means, to the grandparents of Jesus.But in Mexico it is different, since some sources point out that in our country , during the Porphyriate, grandparents were celebrated on July 28 because it supposedly coincided with the feast of St. Augustine of Hippo, Doctor of the Church.On the other hand, it is noted that in the interim government of Abelardo Rodríguez, between 1932 and 1934, it was when Grandfather’s Day was instituted in Mexico, a festival that would be ratified during the six-year period of President Lázaro Cárdenas from 1934 to 1940 , although the dates that were celebrated differ. It is also mentioned that in 1957, the first Pan American Congress of Gerontology took place in Mexico, presided over by Dr. Manuel Payno and Guillermo Marroquín Sánchez, who proposed that grandparents and grandmothers be held in Latin America on August 28 of each year.

Original source in Spanish

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