translated from Spanish: Gualberto Jara: “Anxiety and the desire to want to come back are great”

Colo Colo’s technical director, Gualberto Jara, anticipated the match against Santiago Wanderers, regretting that he could not have played friendly matches. In addition, he said Matías Fernández and Esteban Paredes are available for Saturday. At a press conference, the Paraguayan stated that “there is anxiety about starting the competition, even more with all the time we were standing. We couldn’t make friendly, so the anxiety and the desire to want to come back are great.” In this regard, he added that “we are testing alternatives in terms of names and the game. I hope I’m fine to choose the best and everyone can respond. I am very confident in the ability of the players and the idea of play.” We were hoping to see in some friendly how we evolved tactically. It’s different to train between teammates than with a rival. Unfortunately we couldn’t do it but we have to respect all health standards,” he added. On the other hand, in football he revealed that “in terms of the left-back function both are very good (Gabriel Suazo and Ronald de la Fuente). I have to define which of the two is going to start, but I have peace of mind that they will both perfectly fulfill their role.” He also acknowledged that “(Esteban) Paredes and Matías (Fernández) closed the week very well. They are able to play, either at the out of the way or in the course of the match. I’m going to take advantage of these two days to define well.” On the match, the strater said that “the idea is to try to develop an offensive game. We want to go out and take the initiative, make a difference and secure it. The matches may not be the same as it was before the pandemic, we will have to adjust.” I think it’s going to be a tough match (against Santiago Wanderers), but we’ll try to impose our idea and get back into the fight,” he added. Jara felt that “Wanderers is a tough opponent. He’s got good players, fast forwards, he’s a strong team. We have to work well ourselves and develop our game with maximum concentration.” It should be remembered that Colo Colo will receive Santiago Wanderers this Saturday at 13:30 hours at the Estadio Monumental, in a duel pending on the 8th date of the National Championship.

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