translated from Spanish: Horoscopes today Thursday, August 27, 2020, what your starsign says

This Thursday, August 27, 2020, the stars have brought great themes for loving relationships and work. We invite you to discover yours and above all that you know how you will fare at work and also in love.
1. Aries

Love: You’re behind someone of the same sign. They’d make a good couple.

Work: You’re envious of one of your teammates. You can copy his effective attitude and take it as an example.
2. Taurus

Love: It’s always good to forgive when love is true. You can get around the obstacles.

Work: Make sure you’re inside your emotional bubble. There will be certain tensions.
3. Gemini

Love: Your heart goes one way and your mind on the other. It would be expedient if you could put them together.

Work: You’re looking forward to getting you up in your job. There will be festivities.
4. Cancer

Love: Find out who you are before you start a serious relationship with someone.

Work: Keeping your profile low will earn you a high place near your boss. Don’t try to compete with him.
5. Leo

Love: You’re the one who’s carrying out the relationship. You usually blame yourself when things aren’t going well.

Work: Your profession may be obscured by some aspects of your personality.
6. Virgo

Love: Don’t be influenced by the impulses your partner may have.

Work: Focus on saving. Difficult times are looming as a result of your economic mismanagement.
7. Pound

Love: Don’t live in a non-existent ideal world. Better come ashore and connect with the present.

Work: You’re very happy with your work’s salary. There’s harmony in your circle.
8. Scorpio

Love: When the other’s company is missing, it’s hard to build a common project. Make decisions.

Work: A lot of work day. You’ll be running back and forth. Calls.
9. Sagittarius

Love: It’s time to find fun things to do as a couple. Focus on common aspects.

Work: You have to be very careful and pay attention to your work.
10. Capricorn

Love: Leave that fear behind when your partner doesn’t show much of affection.

Work: You gain from continuing to put together projects and generating ideas. Use all that enthusiasm you have.
11. Aquarius

Love: Patience and tolerance to make the relationship work well. Indifference.

Work: Ingenuity and creativity. You have been able to bring a new product to market.
12. Pisces

Love: Don’t take any longer in memories of the past. Live the present.

Work: Today will turn out to be very fruitful so you can be sure to come to meet everything.

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