translated from Spanish: Judiciary revokes 20,000 injunctives who held 10% of pension debtors and asks AFPs to normalize payment

On Wednesday, the Superintendency of Pensions reported that pension fund managers received 19,705 notifications from the Administrative Corporation of the Judiciary to revoke the withholding of the 10% withdrawal for alimony debts to affiliates.
There are others, however, who were held back by the same concept, but who have never had children or live with them. Why was this error? According to the newspaper La Tercera, another office sent by the Superintendency to the AFPs warns that the regulator received a trade from the Administrative Corporation of the Judiciary on 19 August, where they ask the managers to stop using a document they sent to the AFPs with RUT of people “who could probably have a food debt because of the type of cause in which they were involved”.
This document they refer to would have contained RUT from people who had filed lawsuits.
From the judiciary, meanwhile, they defend themselves by suring, in another office sent to the Superintendency, that the document had “the sole purpose, that if payment is due to these persons, it will be made on the 10th from the application of the affiliate, that is, not to advance the payment to the first days, but also to withhold it after that period based on this information , since there was no court decision to order it.”
In that vein, some AFPs are blamed by the judiciary for wrongly withholding payments to these individuals. However, the alluded to say that this would not have been made clear in the instruction made by the Judiciary, so they with retained some payments for the doubts.
For this reason, the Judiciary asked the Superintendency to “instruct administrators to stop using the above information for any purpose, paying applicants as soon as possible, also clearly informing them that this situation should not be resolved by the courts, thus avoiding an unnecessary referral”.

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