translated from Spanish: Kulfas confirmed that the maximum price program is extended by two months

The Minister of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas, confirmed that, from 1 September, the maximum price system will be extended for two months, without modification.

Kulfas held a meeting with the board of directors of the Food Producers Coordinator (Copal) with whom she analysed the operation of the system. The companies indicated that they had increases in the costs of their production chain that cannot be absorbed and, while highlighting the operation of the care price program, called for discontinuation of the maximum prices, as stated by the meeting. For his part, the minister thanked the employers for the work they carried out during these months of the pandemic and informed them that the maximum price system was to be extended for another two months, a ministerial spokesman said.
“The extension of the ceiling pricing system will begin next Tuesday and from now on a period of analysis opens for companies to gather information on the cost increases they had and on the basis of that information, it will be evaluated whether it merits making any price corrections in any or group of products,” the informants added to Télam.

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