translated from Spanish: Luis Miguel’s Argentine cousins demand DNA examination of alleged star mom

Two years have passed since the existence in Argentina of a homeless woman identical to Luis Miguel’s mother, Marcela Basteri, mysteriously disappeared in 1986. And although it was then said that it was actually Honorina Montes, a Spanish woman who was lost track of her family 24 years earlier, the Mexican star’s transandine family is still unclear.
The Argentine cousins of Luis Miguel, daughters of Basteri’s brother, are demanding that the justice of that country allow them to perform a DNA test on the woman, who is admitted to the Braulio Aurelio Moyano Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Buenos Aires.
In conversation with “Welcome” of Channel 13, Flavia Basteri told that they learned of the existence of this woman before “Luis Miguel, the series”, with which the premiere coincided the appearance of the first images that showed her living on the streets. “My cousin Ada had been told that there was a person like Marcela saying in the streets that she was Marcela Basteri, luis Miguel’s mother and no one believed her,” said the Argentine, who said that when they learned that the woman had been hospitalized they went to see her.
Flavia recounted that they initially had trouble letting them see her. He even revealed an episode in which a supposed nurse told him in the back, “It’s Luis Miguel’s mom, here’s a lot of money behind it, the search goes on, it’s your aunt.”
“I sometimes ask her how many children she has, what they call her and she when you take her to the past starts shaking and says, ‘Yes I have children, many, one is called Luis Miguel,” said Basteri, who told that the woman told them family stories that only Marcela could know.
Although Flavia admits that she never met her aunt, who was very young when she married Luis Miguel’s father, Luisito Rey, who does remember her perfectly is her mother, Norma, who told in the morning that she barely saw the woman was moved by the physical resemblance to Marcela and her husband. “For me it is, the more we will see, ” said the aunt of the Sun of Mexico.
That’s why they demand justice to allow them to take a test, but they claim they won’t allow it because they “say she’s not in her right mind and it’s a lie.” “Here we are going around a lot and it’s just a DNA and it’s finished,” Flavia Basteri said.

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