translated from Spanish: The fugitive friend of the lawyer who disappeared in Quilmes is arrested at Entre Ríos

The justice of Quilmes changed the face yesterday for the disappearance of Salvador Altamura, Quilmes’s lawyer who was last seen in July by “theft and deprivation of liberty” and ordered the search and subsequent detention of Darío Dening, a friend of the lawyer. This morning, they found the suspect while trying to cycle into Entre Ríos province. The man tried to bribe the police so they wouldn’t stop him and he took with him 386 thousand pesos and $1,500. 

Dening wanted to cycle to Entre Ríos and when he was identified, police in that province detected through the Federal Police Communications System (SifcopI), which had a request for capture. The spokesmen explained that with that money, Dening tried to extort the police to let him continue, so he will now be charged with attempted bribery. Dening was detained at the disposal of prosecutor Gastón Oscar Popelka, of Villa Paranacito, with whom his colleague from Quilmes, Ariel Rivas, in charge of the Altamura case, took contact to coordinate his transfer as soon as the judicial and police proceedings in Entre Ríos are completed.” The money above him confirms the scenario in which the prosecution was advancing. We believe that this man is responsible for Altamura’s disappearance and that he is the person who entered his house to rob,” Télam was told by a judicial source. When his arrest was ordered but not located, Prosecutor Rivas and detectives from the Departmental Delegation of Investigations (DDI) of Quilmes raided the dening house in Dening’s house.In that house, also located in Quilmes, the researchers found a ticket to buy high-end cell phones for 200,000 pesos, in addition to appliances and several pairs of slippers and newly purchased clothing. Yesterday, the Altamura family spread the photos of the fugitive Dening, assured that although they were friends since childhood, this man was “the alleged kidnapper” and that he was the person Salvador met on July 13 before he disappeared.

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