translated from Spanish: UK: A five-year-old boy saved his mom’s life thanks to a toy

On social media, they consider him a hero. A boy in his early 5 years saved his mother who had a diabetic coma in the UK, thanks to his toy. Josh lives in Telford, England, and was at home when he found his mother unconscious lying on the floor. What was never expected is that his toy would save his mother. The baby took his mini-ambulance and noticed the number of emergencies next to the toy. Because he realized that detail, he was able to save his mother’s life. Josh called 112, that country’s emergency line, and officers soon arrived at the home where the woman could be treated by paramedics, West Mercia Police reported in a statement. “This thing Josh did was an amazing thing. He acted quickly and called his toy ambulance number because he was worried about his mother,” said local police superintendent Jim Baker, adding, “He was very brave and stayed online until we were able to get to the family home and make sure his mom got medical assistance.” Police cleared that they are waiting for the child with open arms in case he wants to unite in the future. “Josh has already shown that he would be a brilliant police officer in the future, we hope to see him again when he is old enough to be a new recruit!” said Baker

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