translated from Spanish: Again there was crowd with no healthy distance at AMLO event in Reynosa

President Manuel López Obrador’s supporters ignored his call this morning to prevent them from attending a public event in Reynosa in the face of the risk from the COVID-19 epidemic.
Hundreds of people showed up at the Humberto Valdez Richaud colony with blankets, banners and matracas to cheer the president, according to the newspaper Reforma. 
«I’m happy to be with you, it doesn’t make you ignore me, because we don’t want there to be congregation, to have rallies, because we have to take care of ourselves with a healthy distance so as not to get sick, so as not to get sick from this terrible disease, of that PANdemic of COVID,» López Obrador said.
«We have to take great care of ourselves, but I also understand that there is a lot of passion and a lot of desire for manifestation, of speaking, of expressing ourselves. I’m not going to talk much anyway because I don’t want us to keep catching it, because we don’t want the truth that there’s contagion,» he said.
Since yesterday, a crowd attended a president’s event in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, without healthy distance.
This morning during her morning conference she invited the population to stay at home and follow the events through media and social media.
The representative noted that whoever attends will be described as «conservative.»
‘Now, if they come, I’ll see it as those who don’t love us, do you remember what they said when we were in the Opposition?’ The one who does not jump is charro’, when we went in the demonstrations: the one who does not jump is charro, the one who does not jump is charro. Well, whoever arrives today is conservative,» he said.

At his lecture from Tamaulipas, @lopezobrador_ noted that on Thursday he was received by many people in Matamoros, which he considered risky by the COVID pandemic; asked the public not to attend their actions in Reynosa, to avoid contagion.
— Political Animal (@Pajaropolitico) August 28, 2020

«Of course, if you want to go, above all there is freedom, but it is a call, a call respectfully to all, of parties, to all, we are not in times of campaigning, besides, whoever wants a position, yesterday we inaugurate in the market Catarino Garza, there are positions, that help, that are not irresponsible, I mean the leaders, so that we all take care of each.»
With Information from Reform 
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