translated from Spanish: Enlist Concerto «Sense 2020» in Los Mochis

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- With unpublished themes that will surprise the public will be celebrated the Concert Sentido 2020, in its sixth edition, organized by the Collective Roots Aéreas, which will sound online through the social networks of the CIE of Los Mochis and the collective itself. The public will be able to enjoy their broadcasts on 9, 10 and 11 September, free of charge, from 18:00 hours, and will be broadcasting three hours of music in each session.
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The magnificent event was announced yesterday at the Center for Innovation and Education (CIE) of Los Mochis by its organizers. Michel González Gutiérrez, of the Collective Raíces Aéreas and vocalist of the group Mangle, on behalf of the musicians, thanked CIE’s collaboration for the recording and production of this concert, which since its inception has served to support the local proposal of the alternative genres. He said the goal, as always, is to support more people to know, enjoy and support local talents, who, like all, are coping with this pandemic with the best attitude and producing high-quality music. Cynthia Ibarra López, operational director of CIE, thanked the confidence of the Aerial Roots Collective to approach CIE in order to support them in the realization of this material, which also supports the local artistic talent of people who produce music, and which today is so necessary to raise awareness and elevate the human spirit. The musicians announced that the recording and digital production of «Concierto Sentido 2020», which had been being postponed since June 1, is being performed at the CIE facility. It will be a musical day that is already 6 years old by different musicians of alternative genres of the region; and that this year, because of the health contingency of Covid-19, will be recorded for broadcast in next September openly through social media.

Participating groups
This concert brings together more than 40 musicians from the region, from the genres of rock, rap, hip-hop, reggae, ska, trova, among others, with social cause in common; and has become a great artistic exhibition that projects part of the great artistic talent of alternative music that exists in the municipality of Ahome, especially the port of Topolobampo and Los Mochis.The musicians who will participate in the concert are members of the groups: Mangle, La Chalata, Danilo Bosal, Cuatro Cuartos, Demeins, Bipolar Maldito, Elote ElÁrbaro, and other groups.   Recording
Because of the social estrangement required by the health contingency we currently live in, the Collective Raíces Aéreas and CIE agreed on a collaboration so that groups and soloists of these genres could record during the 26th, 27 and 28 August, more than 10 hours of high quality music, with technical equipment and trained personnel, complying with all the appropriate safety and hygiene measures, to produce 3 video segments, which will be released through social networks publicly from 9 to 11 September, for the enjoyment of all. To follow the concert 
To follow all the details of this concert, the participating bands, the platforms and the dates on which it will be shared, can follow and consult the social networks of the Collective Aerial Roots and Center for Innovation and Education (CIE) You may also be interested:Officials of the Ceremonial Center of San Miguel denounce Bernardino ValenzuelaThe symbolism of light and shadow in sacred artThe pre-Hispanic original cultures of Sinaloa

Original source in Spanish

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