translated from Spanish: House President opens to short law so Covid patients can vote: “We can legislate Monday through Sunday”

The deputy of RN and president of the Chamber of Deputies, Diego Paulsen, opened this morning to take all necessary measures to expedite the processing of a bill allowing Covid patients, suspicious cases and close contacts to pay in the Plebiscite on 25 October.
This, after the chairman of the Council of the Servel, PAtricio Santamaría, would raise – in the same broadcaster – the option of legislating quickly to allow home vote.
“The Servel has done a great job to ensure the greatest amount of participation in the October Plebiscit. We had several working tables, progress was made in the bill of the safe Plebiscite, on the subject of financing, we have had several working tables and we must guarantee a right established in our Constitution that is that they can vote, because, in addition, the Constitution is clear about those who cannot vote. So the Servel presents a good proposal where people who are (as cases) active – which are now around 15 thousand – can be guaranteed a breakthrough, we have to guarantee that in Parliament and we will always be available in Parliament to work on a project that can guarantee that right.”

“The Government has been quite clear in handing over the powers to the Servel and I understand, because I have participated in working tables where Minister Monckeberg, the President of the Senate and Patricio Santamaria himself are, and there is full availability of the Executive to be able to implement all the measures required to take them to the plebiscite and I have not seen any complications from the Executive understanding the situation we are experiencing,” Paulsen said at Radio Universe.
“What Patricio establishes by what I understand is that making an initiative that will irrogue executive spending would have to be a proposal of them and in that I have seen the best disposition of the Executive at all the tables and in all the proposals that Patricio has made. At one point when the Plebiscite was in two days, then extend deadlines, in all the measures of Safe Plebiscite at the Senate table and in that Patricio is aware of the work and openness of the Executive to develop a plebiscite with all conditions,” he said. “I imagine, I am not part of the Executive, but I am a supporter of the government, I understand that I could be open to any initiative, even byrogating spending, because we have to guarantee the right.”
Asked about her opinion against a law that allows home vote, Paulsen replied that he would support her “without a doubt, it is a good intention that guarantees a right that is in our Constitution and we are the first to guarantee that to all citizens on October 25th.” “I imagine that when Patrick sets a measure like that today, we are in time to be able to implement it and that’s why if it requires any urgency of processing in Congress, we can legislate from Monday to Sunday and we will have no problem doing so in order to organize that,” he added.
On the legitimacy of the Plebiscite and its participation, Paulsen noted that “the legitimacy will be given when we are able to guarantee the safe Plebiscite, with all the projects that have been advanced, perhaps carrying forward this idea of Patricio of home vote, which allows these 15 thousand active people to vote, maybe it will be 10 thousand on 25 October or maybe they will be 50 thousand , we don’t know, but legitimacy will come when we are able to guarantee the conditions of a Plebiscite.”
“What we have to do is that Patricio presents the proposal at the working tables and we will try to ensure that this proposal is feasible, on the understanding that it gives assurances both to the people who are going to vote for that means and we also have to be ministers of faith for a secure Plebiscite,” Paulsen concluded.

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