translated from Spanish: Osses: “I have told the referees that they only sanction excessive festivities”

The chairman of the ANFP’s Referees Committee, Enrique Osses, referred to the theme of the festivities in the resumption of national football, which will be finalised on Saturday, a point where players have expressed certain objections. Most footballers consider excessive prohibition of group celebrations on goals in the return of football activity, this amid health protocols in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. The team captain will be penalised yellow if he celebrates a goal with hugs. Faced with this, Osses clarified in dialogue with El Mercurio that “I have told the arbitrators that they only sanction excessive festivities. We hope that players will not go crazy celebrating, because if they do a round, a lot or a choreography where they touch, they will be punished.” But if there’s a last-minute goal, Maradona or Messi and they hug, it’ll be evaluated. The spirit is not to sanction any kind of contact or celebration, but the call to players is to minimily those contacts,” he added. On the other hand, former FIFA judge reported that referees Roberto Tobar, Piero Maza, Cristián Garay and Angelo Hermosilla will be absent for a few weeks to comply with Conmebol’s protocol to lead Copa Libertadores matches.

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