translated from Spanish: Servel opens register of participants to make propaganda and finance campaigns for the Plebiscite

Political parties, independent parliamentarians and civil society organizations seeking to participate in the propaganda of the Plebiscite Nacional 2020 will have until this Monday, August 31 to register in charge of the Electoral Service, as noted on Friday by the Electoral Service (Servel).
Interested parties should indicate whether they participate individually or by integrating a command. They also point out, they should communicate the options they will support. Approval or Rejection.
Citizens may campaign electoral through political parties, independent parliamentarians and civil society organizations that register in charge of the Electoral Service. As you prefer, the Servel points out, they can participate individually or by integrating a command.
Civil society organizations, regardless of their structure or denomination, will have as their sole requirement to register in, attaching the required background and forms provided on the Electoral Service’s website.
What if my group is not formally constituted?
According to the Electoral Service, organizations without legal personality must complete the registration provided on the website of the service, subscribe and accept by simple affidavit. Statements shall be made by the campaign delegate appointed for this purpose. In addition, together with the subscription of the form must be accompanied by a payroll of the members of the organization.
The Electoral Service will provide a model payroll for such purposes (Organization Training for Campaign Purposes).
In the event that two or more political parties, independent parliamentarians or organisations decide to form a command, they must submit a declaration to the Electoral Service expressing their will to that effect, at the same time of requesting their registration.
Just as individual participation of parties and parliamentarians will not be required to be more formal than the subscription and acceptance of the form provided on the Service’s website, by simple affidavit.
In the event that the command includes civil society organizations, in the case of organizations with legal personality, it must subscribe by the legal representative or representative of the respective organization.

The Electoral Service states that only natural persons and legally constituted political parties may contribute to campaigns. Under no circumstances, do they explain, legal persons may make contributions. In addition, campaign contributions from foreign natural or legal persons are prohibited, with the exception of those made by foreigners legally authorized to exercise the right to vote in Chile.
A person may contribute up to a maximum of 500 UF to political parties and civil society organisations. In the case of an independent parliamentarian, the maximum amount that may be contributed shall be 60 UF.
As a general rule all contributions will be public, except for contributions less than 40 UF, which will be kept reserve of the identity of the contributor. However, all contributions must be reported to the Electoral Service.
Contributions must be communicated through the electronic form provided on the Electoral Service website.
The limit of electoral expenditure for all political commands or parties shall be calculated for each of the options submitted to plebiscite and shall result from multiplying UF 0.005 by the number of voters eligible at the date of convocation to plebiscite.
The individual limit for each community shall be determined by applying the proportion of voting obtained at the last election of Members including the independent associates. Political parties which have not participated in it shall have the same limit as the party which has obtained the least amount of vote.
In the case of civil society organizations, the limit of electoral expenditure, for each plebiscite option, shall result from multiplying 0.0003 promotion units by the number of voters eligible at the date of convocation to plebiscite.
In the case of independent parliamentarians, the limit of electoral expenditure for each plebiscite option shall be the equivalent of that set for the political party with the lowest spending limit authorized by the Electoral Service.

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