translated from Spanish: The Corral de la Comedia, continues to remain in the taste of the Moralians for 31 years

Laura Avalos
Morelia, Michoacán.- For 31 years «The corral of comedy» has offered hundreds of stagings for the citizens of the capital of Michoacan and the rest of the entity, and despite closing its doors for at least 3 months because of the health contingency caused by Covid-19, they are already offering their adaptations to the public.
Pedro Gutiérrez Vázquez, actor and stage director of the Company, recalled that it was very difficult to pass through the pandemic, however, the response of his audience has been favorable since they are maintaining the prevention rules of SARS-CoV-2, respecting a separation row, encouraging the use of antibacterial gel, thermometers and reducing their capacity.
In this place are played by different actors and actresses, who are currently presenting «Until the horns separate us», on Wednesdays, while Thursday, Friday and Saturday is represented «Couples we see, cell phones do not know», which will remain in force for the month of September and later, will be held the return to performance of Manuel Guízar with a classic of Shakespeare.
«Each of the staging takes two months of work, between reading, staging and production (…) if people get a message from the works that good, but our overriding purpose is to amuse,» he said in an interview for Monitor Expresso.
For her part, Laura Yovana first stage director of the Corral de la Comedia recounted that each adaptation must have the focus and spark that characterizes this place, as it is one of the only ones in the country that maintains a level as in the CDMX.
«Quality has always distinguished the Corral, they are always comedies with professional actors, it is one of the few where you work at a level of the CDMX, and you have the discipline and commitment as a company and with the public,» he said.
Finally, he recognized that one of the greatest satisfactions of working in this company is to stay in constant contact with the public since from January to December the constant influx of spectators remains.

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