translated from Spanish: A former carabinieri partner who assaulted Fabiola Campillai: «This person must have been discharged when he attacked me»

The dramatic case of Fabiola Campillai, who lost all his sight after being shot a tear bomb during the Social Upburst at a time when he was on his way to work in the commune of San Bernardo could have been avoided if Patricio Maturana had been discharged when he corresponded, on at least two previous occasions, according to what the former couple of the carabinero stated. This was therefore the uniform had already been prosecuted for robbery with violence in 2009, and if that were not enough in 2015 Katherine decided to file a complaint for domestic violence, both reasons that might have been sufficient to cease her duties to the carabinero. In that sense Katherine noted that «he had two summaries with me. Two. And yet they didn’t discharge him,» adding that «if this person had been discharged when he attacked me, it might not have happened to Fabiola.» Regarding the summary for robbery with violence, Katherine indicated that in 2009 Maturana belonged to the bar of Los Marginales, of Curicó Unido, and in that context «he sneaked into the stadium, because if the high commands saw him they could rebuke him, but he was still on the subject and had contact with criminals», in that line «he was charged with robbery with intimidation , which is a high-penalty crime and was acquitted» and despite being discharged «after being acquitted he asked for reinstatement and returned to work». With regard to their own situation and in consideration of Norma Vasquez’s recent femicide, I note that there is an apparent «protection of Carabineros» when they commit illegals. And in that sense, Katherine Silva could not help but ask herself «how long they took on the subject of Fabiola».

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