translated from Spanish: Chlorine dioxide: ask for inquiry for Viviana Canosa after death of a child

Weeks ago, Viviana Canosa recommended the consumption of chlorine dioxide and yet took live on the closure of one of the «Nothing Is Personal» programs, a cycle that leads through Channel Nine, arguing that this substance fights the coronavirus. Following this episode, dozens of specialists said that the effects of this toxic product would serve a treatment against COVID-19. Both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Argentine Toxicological Association warned of the dangers of drinking this chemical.

They confirm that Neuquén’s child died from chlorine dioxide intake

In this context, it was confirmed that the death of a five-year-old boy from the Local Neuquina of Plottier, who would have ingested chlorine dioxide on the recommendation of his family, was due to the consumption of the substance.
This was detailed in the last few hours by the Homicide Prosecutor’s Office, by Sandra Ruixo, who stated that the child died as a result of a multiorgan failure. 

Mariano Mansilla, requested that Canosa be quoted to provide inquest Twitter

In this regard, the Deputy of the Front of All, Mariano Mansilla, requested that Canosa be quoted to provide inquiry and to be investigated for the «crime of healing». He reported this on his official Twitter account, where he detailed: «I will accompany the scientific opinion to the judicial justice of Buenos Aires and ask that with the evidence gathered, it be quoted to give an inquiry statement to Viviana Canosa».What is chlorine dioxide and why should we not take it?
Fabricio Ballarini, biologist and member of Filo.News, explained through this video that this substance is used in industrial environments as bleach and disinfectant, as well as highlighting the dangerous and irresponsible action of the journalist.
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