translated from Spanish: From Miami, the Aphonic label premieres three new songs

The Afónica record label, based in Miami, Florida, seeks to expand in various parts of the world. In their quest to distribute music in the cultures of different countries, they deploy their catalog in Argentina, a power if urban music is spoken. Among its three new releases, we find pop, trip hop and various urban movements typical of different parts of the world.
The first is “Diamond Eyes” by Neysa Blay, a singer-songwriter who lives in Miami. While she lives there, the artist wanted the video clip to be made in Puerto Rico, where she was born.” I could have done it in Miami and it might have been easier for everyone, but I felt an obligation to show in the video who I am and where I come from,” she said, determined to put the Puerto Ricans at the top of the world. Mixed by Johnny Echo, a musician, producer and mixing engineer with several Grammy nominations and co-produced by Xavier Rodriguez and Marthin Chan, “Diamond Eyes” features several thousand reproductions and promises to go for more.

The second is “Quedate un Ratito”, the third song by Pascal, a 19-year-old who, with his first track (“I Want”), musicalized Señores Papis, the most important novel of 2019 in Peru, where he resides. Thus, starting his career from the top, Pascal comes ashore to ask a girl to “stay for a while.” This song was also used as an excuse to tour Latin America, which earned him to be called up to the MTV Miaw Awards and to give a show in the Sony Miami auditorium although, due to the pandemic, those performances were postponed.

The third and last belongs to Blssom, a duo made up of Patricia Cornejo and Carlos Marín who resides in New York, and it is “Tell Me”. Produced by The Argentine Didi Gutman, the song was recognized worldwide for its distinctive sound and musical plasticity. Her music video was released on YouTube in July this year and was directed by Laura Martinova, a director and photographer based in Barcelona but who has done work for Ukraine, Italy, Spain and Germany, among others.

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