translated from Spanish: The Mexican film «White of Summer», Ibero-American Award of the Malaga Festival

Malaga.- The Mexican film «Blanco de verano», by Rodrigo Ruiz Patterson, has won this Saturday the award for the best Ibero-American feature film of the Malaga Film Festival, as announced in the reading of the palmarés. The jury has also awarded the Mexican Arturo Ripstein as best director for his film «The Devil Between Legs.» Las Niñas», directed by Pilar Palomero, is the winner of the Golden Biznaga for the best Spanish feature film, while the special jury award goes to «La boda de Rosa», by Icíar Bollaín.
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The Biznaga de Plata for the best actress corresponds, «ex aequo», to the Brazilian Regina Casé, for her performance in the feature film «Tres Veranos», and the Spanish Kiti Mánver for her work in the film «El inconveniente». Also shared has been the award for best actor, in this case for the Argentines Alberto Amman and Pablo Echarri, who lead the cast of the feature film «The Silence of the Hunter».
Original title: Summer White
Year: 2020
Duration: 85 min.
Country: Mexico
Address: Rodrigo Ruiz Patterson
Screenplay: Raúl Sebastian Quintanilla, Rodrigo Ruiz Patterson
Photo: Sarasvati Herrera
Cast: Sophie Alexander-Katz, Fabian Corres, Adrian Ross Magenty
Producer: Film Training Center (CCC), FOPROCINE
Genre: Drama Adolescence
Synopsis: Rodrigo, a lonely teenager, is the king of his mother’s life. Everything changes when she takes her new boyfriend to live in her small house on the outskirts of Mexico City. Rodrigo is torn between accepting the new family or regaining his throne, even at the expense of the happiness of those he loves most.

Original source in Spanish

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