translated from Spanish: Undersecretary of the Interior and detention in Campillai case: «It is important that justice acts and that it clarifies who acted in the events»

The Undersecretary of the Interior, Juan Francisco Galli, referred to the arrest of one of the former de-retirement perpetrators of the institution, who was accused by the Prosecutor’s Office of being the main perpetrator of the firing of a tear bomb that blinded Patricia Campillai in November 2019.
In conversation with Tele13 Radio, Galli said that «both the government has put the information that is available. The investigation must determine whether these facts constitute a crime and who is responsible. I hope the facts will be clarified as soon as possible.»
«It is important that justice acts and clarifies who acted in the events,» he added.
Subsequently, in an activity with Carabineros, Galli said that «what to expect is that this investigation will go ahead», and alluded to the fact that it is «a regrettable fact that cost a person a gigantic pain, the product of the manifestations and the product of acting at a time of serious public disorders… it was difficult to be seriously affected in their physical integrity.»
In that regard, it stated that «what is appropriate is for investigations to proceed, to do so seriously, to determine what type and circumstance these facts occurred, and to determine whether those responsible are responsible for a crime and therefore have to be punished accordingly.»
Regarding the responsibilities, Galli noted that it is necessary to separate «very clearly things, criminal criminalization and well as we said before, the direction of the investigation rests with the Prosecutor’s Office, which will determine what is the crime that is accused of it, what were the circumstances in which that happened and what is the responsibility that is possible for it , so let justice act,» he emphasized.
«I think it is important that justice should act that this investigation is conducted and that the responsibility of those who may have been involved in the facts is determined,» he added.
He also stressed that «as a Government from the beginning and Carabineros of Chile as an institution has also been fully available, it has made available to the Public Prosecutor’s Office all the information that has been required».

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