translated from Spanish: “Waiting”: Camilo Le-Bert releases new single with enigmatic video clip

Chilean musician Camilo Le-Bert presents this Friday, September 4th his new single titled “Esperando”, pop rock song that will be accompanied by a video clip that demonstrates the powerful message of nostalgia and hope that his creative process has had during quarantine. Available through Youtube and Spotify, as well as on the author’s social networks, it is the third piece of his new album after “Looking at Others” and “Dawn for You”, maintaining his poetic load, deep harmonies he draws on his charango and guitar, as well as his amazing voice.” Waiting is a quarantined song, in a lockdown environment. He talks about hope and nostalgia. Sing about the desire to be back on the street again, to use the squares, parks and skies; to walk among the trees and to hug again,” says Le-Bert before the expected premiere. Camilo Lebert (born 1986) is a Chilean musician. Voice, author, composer and founding member of the rock band Fossil since 2005, a musical group with which he released four albums to date, “El blanco viajero” (2011), “I light the fire” (2014), “Live in Woodstaco” (2017) and “The Last Hour” (2018). In 2018 he began his solo career and released his first album “Camilo Le-Bert”, performing on various stages in the country.

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