translated from Spanish: Netflix: How to watch some of the free content without registering?

Do you want to watch movies or those series that everyone talks about, but don’t have a Netflix subscription? well in this note we show you how you can access some of the content of the platform without having to pay or register. Through a service that provides the platform called «Watch Free» you can look at part of the catalog of the streaming leader. without having to enter any personal data, or pay anything. When it comes to content, Netflix prioritizes its original productions, in order to «tempt» you to finally decide to subscribe. What content can you see? In total there are 10 free productions for you to explore, the titles are the following: Stranger Things: Episode 1 of Season 1Criminals at Sea: One of the many films Adam Sandler made exclusively for the platform. Elite: Episode 1 of Season 1A boss in diapers back in business: Episode 1 of Season 1Bird Box: Blind: Another exclusive Netflix hit film, this time starring Sandra Bullock.So They See Us: Episode 1 of the 4 Miniseries containing 8 chapters. Love is Blind: Episode 1 of Season 1The Two Potatoes: The Bescard-made Film, starring Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce.Our Planet: Episode 1 of Season 1 of this nature documentary series. Grace & Frankie: Episode 1 of Season 1How to access the content? To access the content you only have to enter this link from the browser (PC or Android cell phone). When you do, you’ll arrive at a welcome screen where you’re told you’ll be able to watch free content.

Once inside you will have to scroll down the page to get to the free content, the interface is not the same as that of Classic Netflix, but a page where all the content you can watch for free is. In each series or movie you will have a brief description and to see only have to click where it says: watch now and Ready!

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