translated from Spanish: Step-by-Step Plan: Nine communes entered “transition” in the Metropolitan Region

After 5 hours today, nine other communes of the Metropolitan Region entered into transition: El Monte, Talagante, Calera de Tango, Maipú, Cerrillos, La Florida, Pedro Aguire Cerda, Macul and Huechuraba.
In addition, with the last six, there are 15 communes that came out of quarantine in greater Santiago, since they join Lo Barnechea, Las Condes, Vitacura, La Reina, Auñoa, Providencia, Peñalolén, Estación Central and Santiago.
In the inhabitants, the 15 deconfined communes total more than 3,460,000 people. Meanwhile, another 19 communes in Greater Santiago are still quarantined, where more than 3,500,000 capitals live.
The transition phase provides for the following general measures:

People are allowed to travel from Monday to Friday, except during curfew hours.
Quarantine is maintained on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
Mandatory use of mask.
Physical estrangement.
Social and recreational meetings with a maximum of 10 people are allowed in open places and 5 in enclosed spaces.
Customs and sanitary cords.
Prohibition of transfer to second home.

How trade works
In terms of trade, they can open small businesses and SMEs served by their own owners, from Monday to Friday, respecting protocols and curfew.
Locals should maintain the hygiene of the site, have alcohol gel availability, avoid crowds and have indications for workers.
In addition, only those shops that are cared for by people living in a commune that is in transition, in preparation or in initial opening can work.
They cannot open shops that are served by people living in a quarantined commune because they cannot move to a commune in transition.

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