translated from Spanish: Deputy Soto (PS) seeks to disable Longueira from the plebiscite because of bribery: «Loaded with a heavy backpack full of garbage»

The deputy of the Socialist Party (PS), Leonardo Soto asked the Council for the Defense of the State (CDE) to take all appropriate actions to disable Pablo Longueira from the plebiscite, considering that the former senator is charged with the crime of bribery in the context of the SQM case.
«Pablo Longueira is disabled for political life for having suspended his right to suffrage by being charged by the Public Prosecutor’s Office for crimes that deserve afflictive punishment, therefore he cannot be a candidate for a popular election, cannot be a militant of a political party and cannot even vote in the plebiscite of 25 October,» said Deputy Soto.
The parliamentarian added that Longueira «is knowingly enjoying a mistake on the part of our system. The Court reviewing this corruption trial should have informed The Servel that this subject is charged for these crimes that are worth afflicting.»
«If the Court had evidently done so it would be on the standard of the disabled,» said Soto, who said, «Longueira carries a heavy backpack full of garbage that was filled through many years where he participated in this way of financing politics, through black briefcases and that is why today he is in justice.»
As the legislature detailed, ad portas of the oral trial set for 5 October, «Longueira is being charged by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the CDE and private plaintiffs for having committed serious crimes, including repeated crimes of bribery, a very serious crime particularly when it comes to its commission by people representing people.»
«That crime has an associated penalty that is afflictive punishment, he is charged and thus formalized for a crime that deserves the penalty of 5 years and a day of disqualification for public office, that penalty of crime is assimilated to an afflictive penalty and – therefore – according to the Constitution there is an effect that is established in article 16(2) of the Constitution that is to suspend the right to sufrage of the citizen by that charge», detal Soto.
«We are going to ask the CDE – which represents the interests of all Chileans and works for unrestricted compliance with the law and which is also a plaintiff at trial – to ask the court to send the respective report to the Electoral Service to marginalize someone unworthy of staying in it from political activity, as Paul Longueira,» the parliamentarian re criticized, «putting a wall that completely excludes those who destroyed much of people’s trust in political institutions and who today want to return and soil the constituent process, we cannot afford it.»
He also said that «in a democracy a person who commits serious crimes, who defrauds the public faith, who engages in acts of political corruption, who betrays the oath he makes as a senator to all Chileans, receiving money from companies and enacting or obtaining laws a la carte for them, obviously cannot be integrated into democracy, must be excluded.»
All of the above adds the office sent by the parliamentarian, is reinforced by Opinion No. 8013/2016 of the Comptroller General of the Republic, which states that «the mere formulation of the charge for a crime worth afflicting to generate the suspension of the right to suffrage and, consequently, by the only ministry of the law, the temporary inability to perform the positions of mayor and councillor is sufficient».
Longueira has made headlines in recent days, after an interview with El Mercurio bet on the realignment of the entire sector, including the government, for Apruebo.
With a view to internal elections, the current directive’s commitment is to generate a list of unity, but they warn, that they are not sympathetic to the idea that it is The member Maria José Hoffmann who leads it, which is considered the «antithesis» of the current feeling. Because of that, they would have approached Senator Juan Antonio Coloma, representative of dissent, but without clear answers until now. For now, Longueira, seems to be the letter that could close that discussion, they pointed out close to the current directive.

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