translated from Spanish: Economy Secretariat announces elimination of undersecretary of mining

Mexico City.-In order to advance austerity, the Ministry of the Economy announced the elimination of the Undersecretariat of Mining as of this September 1, 2020, this in response to the Presidential Decree published on April 23, 2020 that establishes the austerity measures to be observed by the units and entities of the Federal Public Administration.In this regard , the cancellation of the position of undersecretary of mining does not affect the performance of the work carried out by the SE in mining through the Directorate-General of Mines, the Directorate-General of the Fund for the Development of Mining Production Zones and the Directorate-General for Mining Development.
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According to the statement published on the sees’ official website, Undersecretary Francisco Quiroga properly served in promoting responsible mining, based on the socially inclusive development and sustainable environment of the sector, and as one of his last achievements, was his intervention in health processes to protect workers from the Covid-19 pandemic in Mexico. , Francisco Quiroga will continue to collaborate in the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in a new responsibility.  You may also be interested:Deputies receive cell phones of 6 thousand 500 pesos just to vote at distance Antonio Attolini to IMSS; goes by General Secretariat of Morena

Original source in Spanish

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