translated from Spanish: Mayors request free public transport, sanitization of premises and PCR exams for vowels in front of the constitutional plebiscite

During this day, at a meeting held at the Palacio de La Moneda and attended by the Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency (Segpres), Cristián Monckeberg, a group of mayors requested that by October 25 (constitutional plebiscite day), public transport be free.
According to information from Radio Biobio, in the instance, the ediles also raised the need to sanitize the venues that will function as polling places and to carry out PCR exams on the vowels in the previous days.
«We have suggested that just as there are some who will not be able to vote for this lack of foresight, take the necessary safeguard and ensure that everyone can vote because they do not have an economic difficulty in going to the polling stations,» explained the mayor of Independencia, Gonzalo Durán.
In addition, Durán warned that «we will not rest as mayors until the free transport of the day of the Plebiscite is guaranteed, we believe that this is the greatest guarantee of broad participation of citizens in this process, of course we will actively work so that they additionally have all the health guarantees to make the process safe».
The meeting aimed to discuss the best mechanisms that can ensure a safe and participatory plebiscite.
Mayors Jorge Sharp (Valparaíso), Claudia Pizarro (La Pintana), Gonzalo Durán (Independencia), Leonel Cádiz (San Bernardo), Claudio Castro (Renca) and Germán Codina (Puente Alto) were present at the meeting.

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