translated from Spanish: INE detects that SNTE gave resources to Elba Esther’s new party

The INE found that two trade unions could have been improperly involved in the formation of the organizations Progressive Social Networks (RSP) and Fuerza Social for Mexico (FSM), which, if confirmed by the electoral referee, could register their registration as new political parties.
The Technical Control Unit discovered that in the management structure of FSM there are characters belonging to the Autonomous Confederation of Workers and Employees of Mexico (CATEM), directed by Pedro Bundles Barba.
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The election referee also found that a quarter of RSP’s total income came from workers of the National Education Workers’ Union (SNTE), to which teacher Elba Esther Gordillo is linked.
The INE Audit Committee reported to the General Council a report stating that seven CATEM members, including members of the trade union leadership, hold positions of delegates, presidents, secretaries and auxiliaries in Social Force for Mexico.
Among them are Hugo Armando Garduño Arellano, secretary of Youth Action of the union; Javier Delgado Iriarte, general secretary in Nayarit, and Alfredo Lacunza de la Cruz, state delegate in Guerrero. The UTF also identified the participation of four other CATEM aggressates: Carlos Miguel Cabrera Zetina, David Arturo de la Cruz Olmos, Rose Delhy Fregoso Serna and Maryland Carolina Lacunza de la Rosa.
These seven members of CATEM contributed to Fuerza Social for Mexico donations of 152 thousand 992 pesos, equivalent to 0.57% of the total revenue of the political group, which amounted to 26.8 million pesos.
The most serious case of interference detected by the INE relates to possible acts of undue affiliation with FSM by the catEM leader in Tlaxcala, Alejandro de la Rosa Cuateta.
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«Evidence linking the citizens’ organization (FSM) was located with trade union leaders belonging to CATEM in Tlaxcala, who do convincing work to have meeting attendees join their organization,» says the UTF report.
The INE’s auditing unit cited journalistic notes in which De la Rosa Cuateta revealed that CATEM would conduct FSM affiliations and hold assemblies in Tlaxcala’s constituencies; the union leader also said that the state assembly in which the party’s Executive Committee would be formed at the local level would be held.
«Therefore, there is the possible intervention of a trade union association in the process of establishing the citizens’ organization as a national political party,» the UTF warned.
In the case of Progressive Social Networks, led by Fernando González, son-in-law of Elba Esther Gordillo, the electoral referee made an information crossover with the SNTE standard and found that 257 members of the magisterial guild contributed million-dollar funds to the political organization.
These unionized donated 5 million 829,570 pesos «in kind» to RSP, representing 25.9% of the political organization’s total revenue, amounting to 22.5 million pesos.
With a contribution of 176 thousand 155 pesos, the main donor is Ruth Pérez Vázquez, who is simultaneously unionized from the SNTE and coordinator of RSP in Veracruz.
Dominga Escobar Luis follows, assaulted at the magisterial union in Oaxaca and national commissioner of Linking the RSP leadership, with a donation of 160 thousand 655 pesos.
Next Friday, the INE General Council will vote if it grants registration to political organizations seeking to become parties.
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