translated from Spanish: Integrity and health of workers of Congress is a priority for the Legislative.

home Morelia Integrity and health of workers of Congress is a priority for the Legislative.

Morelia, Michoacán.- The President of the Board of Directors and the Chairman of the Political Coordination Board (JUCOPO) of the State Congress, Brenda Fabiola Fraga Gutiérrez and Javier Estrada Cárdenas, respectively, met with Edelmira Mendoza and Martín Munguia, union leaders of the Legislative to together, generate strategies to safeguard the integrity and health of those who work in the Legislative Power and help break the chain of covid-19 contagions.
MeP Brenda Fraga pointed out that with the strategies that have been proposed together, it seeks to give stability to the Legislative Power, not to stop the work, not to generate a lag in the tasks and tasks of this power, but always putting the health of all the staff of the State Congress first.
For his part, The Member Javier Estrada Cárdenas, mentioned that it will continue only with the work that are vital to the Legislative but always with the health measures stipulated by the health authorities, both state and federal and will be abiding by the instructions that are turned in this regard, in addition to the facilities of the Legislative Palace will be constantly hygienized.
Both Members agreed on the importance of respecting health measures and breaking with the chain of contagion, however they also pointed out that work in the Legislative Council cannot be stopped in a sharp way, so that various proposals and actions have already been put forward, which will be taken for analysis and discussion with all the parliamentary coordinators next Thursday at the JUCOPO meeting.

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