translated from Spanish: Patricia Sosa criticized the «singing 2020» after Esmeralda Mitre’s victory

Patricia Sosa expressed outrage as she watched as a viewer the show where her husband Oscar Mediavilla is sworn in. On a night of mourning and elimination, where only one couple had to be saved and two were left out of the contest. The singer disagreed and let him know from home. After learning that they would continue in the program Jey Mammon, Sofia Morandi, Dan Breitman, Miguel Angel Rodríguez, Angela Leiva, Floppy Tesouro, Cande Molfese, Carmen Barbieri, Gladys La Bomba Tucumana, Tyago Griffo, Flor Torrente, Laura Novoa, Lola Latorre and Agustín Sierra, with their respective partners, four others had remained for the duel: Adabel Guerrero and Leandro Bassano, Lizardo Ponce and Lucía Villar, Esmeralda Mitre and Nell Valenti, and Mariana Brey and Fran Eizaguirre.De which the jury composed of Nacha Guevara, Karina «La Princesita», Oscar Mediavilla and Moria Casán decided to save Lizardo Ponce, and the remaining three couples, were available to the public. 

But Patricia disagreed with the jury’s decision to save the «influencer» and for this reason tweeted: 

Bad jury…. all singers do not support this… — Patricia Elena Sosa (@patriciasosaok)
September 2, 2020

«Bad jury…. all singers do not support this…» showing his dissatisfstone and followed to this tweet and after being eliminated Adabel Guerrero and Mariana Brey tweeted : «Disastrous… loses all credibility.» 

Disastrous… loses all credibility — Patricia Elena Sosa (@patriciasosaok)
September 2, 2020

Let us remember that after what happened with Esmeralda Mitre the viewers decided to save her and that she remains in the show. 

Original source in Spanish

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